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Garden Maintenance Services

Colorado Springs Garden Maintenance Services: Weekly, Bi-Monthly, or Monthly

Plant Care and Pest Control

Colorado Springs Garden Maintenance Serivces - Pruning and FertilizingOften times the hardest things to accomplish are those that require habitual care, attention to detail, and maintenance – your gardens are no exception. What if your perennial gardens, annual flower beds, shrubs, trees, and lawn could look better than the day they were installed, only getting more beautiful and lush as each year passes? What if you didn’t have to worry about finding the time and learning how to achieve these results? What if someone else could manage your garden maintenance for you?

Well, we have some good news: Personal Touch Landscape and Gardening is that ‘someone else’ you’re looking for! Our Property Maintenance and Garden Division staff are ready to tackle the most unmanageable, weed infested, overgrown challenge you can throw at them.

Garden Maintenance Season

Garden Maintenance Services are performed from June through October. During these months, the Garden Maintenance Crews regularly deadhead, cultivate, and weed your flower beds. They ensure your rock, mulch, and flower beds are free of weeds, grass, and any debris during the maintenance period. All garden beds are edged regularly to maintain clean lines, and mulch is turned and refreshed monthly. All of your garden annuals are fertilized each visit to promote health and a continuous bloom period for outstanding color! The Garden Maintenance Crews also diagnose and treat your plants for any found insects, pests, or diseases. Our Gardeners are also diligent in staking tall, heavy perennials and training vines for proper support in the growing season.

As part of our garden maintenance services, we offer immediate plant replacement. This is a convenient, “no-worries” service for a great looking landscape and garden. We immediately replace failing or dying plants so you don’t have to keep an eye on your property. This is a convenient, no-hassle garden maintenance service great for those who travel often and love to come home to a flawless landscape.

In short, our Garden Maintenance Crews nurture your garden, keeping your flowers and landscape looking lush and vibrant throughout the growing season.

We know that every garden has different needs, and that is why Personal Touch creates custom garden maintenance programs specially designed for you, your landscape, and your budget. Whether your property needs weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly maintenance, our Gardening Crews will provide only the highest level of care and attention to detail for your property.Garden Maintenance Services for Colorado Springs

Pest Control

Weed and Pest Control for Colorado LandscapesTo eliminate and prevent weed growth, we spray monthly for weeds in sidewalks, rock beds, parking areas, and areas between the street and sidewalk. We have had good results with organic weed treatment products (non-toxic and safe for pets and children), so if you are interested in using organic/bio-dynamic weed or fertilization treatments on your property, please let us know.

We also treat your plants with our proprietary deer and rabbit repellent if they’re common intruders in your gardens. During each visit, all of your plants will be treated with this effective, non-toxic repellent. It is safe for use around all animals, plants, and children. You can also visit our Client Resources webpage for our special Deer Repellent recipe!

Interested in more information about Property and Garden Maintenance Services? Take a look at our Service Description Handout and give us a call at 719-632-7742.

Contact Personal Touch Landscape and Gardening today and let’s discuss a custom garden maintenance schedule for your property! 

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