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Spring and Fall Yard and Garden Clean-Ups

Spring and Fall Yard and Garden Clean-Ups

Storm and Seasonal Clean-Ups Garden and Landscape Clean-Ups

There are certain times of the year when your property doesn’t look its best and requires the most work to maintain. Here in Colorado Springs, this typically occurs in the beginning of Spring and the end of Fall when landscape debris and dead or dormant plants are making a mess of your garden. Personal Touch provides Spring and Fall Yard and Garden Clean-Ups to keep your landscape looking nice and tidy year-round.

Spring Clean-Ups

In April and May we clean gardens and prepare them for the growing season. Our Garden Clean-Up Crews begin by removing all the Winter debris from your flower, mulch and rock beds. We replenish your all of your rock beds with the proper stone, and replenish and turn your mulch beds to promote adequate aeration. We then compost all of your garden beds and redefine the bed edges for a fresh, clean line.

During the Garden Clean-Up, your perennials are bolstered with a slow release fertilizer, and your roses are fed with a systemic fertilizer for optimal health and color. If you prefer a more organic approach, we have very good results with organic fertilizers, compost teas, Mycorrhizae (when planting), and microbial teas. Our Gardeners cut back and remove last year’s remains from all of your perennials, grasses, and certain large woody shrubs like Butterfly Bush, Russian Sage, etc., to promote health in the growing season. When the Spring Yard and Garden Clean-Up is complete, your garden beds are left clean, fertilized, composted, cultivated, and ready for your plants to begin another growing season in the garden! Additionally, if desired, we’ll even replenish your flower pots and containers with new soil and prepare them for planting!

Learn more about our planting services on our Planting webpage and learn about our thorough maintenance services on our Garden and Property Maintenance webpage!

Fall Clean-Ups

Fall Yard and Garden Clean-UpsOther than jumping in leaf piles, it isn’t much fun raking leaves and cleaning up your yard from October through December. Not to worry though, as our Garden Clean-Up Crews do one last big Fall Yard and Garden Clean-Up to prepare your garden beds for the Winter resting period. Fall Garden Clean-Ups are typically performed after a few hard frosts as plants are going dormant.

During the clean-up, all fallen leaves are removed from your property, and your mulch beds are turned for proper aeration. All garden beds will be nicely edged to ensure your gardens are left clean and tidy for the Winter months. Our Garden Clean-Up Crews remove annual flowers from your garden beds and containers, and cut back your perennials, woody perennials, and vines as needed for proper winterization. And finally, if you have roses, we properly cut them back as needed and winterize them to ensure each rose’s crown is protected through the cold months.

Storm Clean-Ups

Storm Clean-Ups for Colorado SpringsPersonal Touch also provides Yard and Garden Clean-Up services after storms wreak havoc on your landscape. Throughout the year, Colorado Springs is particularly vulnerable to high impact storms that can cause substantial damage to your property. Hail, wind, fire, and snow are just a few that can damage your plants, hardscapes, fencing, and lawn areas. Contact us anytime for a Storm Clean-Up. You can count on us to fix the fence, prune broken tree limbs or branches, put the retaining wall back together, and clean up all the debris.

Give Personal Touch a call and let’s whip your property back into shape! 

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