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Fire Mitigation

Fire Prevention & Mitigation Services

Wildfire ResourcesYou have invested thousands on your home and landscape – be sure it’s protected.

With Colorado’s dry climate, it is very important to assess your home for wildfire risks, especially if you live near a wildland-urban interface area. There are several things Personal Touch can do to help mitigate your property including debris clean-up, adding fire resistant plants to your landscape, establishing and maintaining mitigation zones, and more.

Our Fire Prevention Assessment and Mitigation Agents gained their expertise from a US Forest Service Fire Prevention Officer who had extensive training in fire behavior. Our agents will assess your property using our specialized Fire Prevention and Fire Mitigation Program and will discuss what you can do to create your defensible space.

Fire prevention and mitigation is an ongoing process of maintaining a fire resistant environment. With beautiful native plants and innovative fire resistant building materials, your defensible outdoor space will impress the neighbors – they should thank you too!

Fire Prevention Assessment & Mitigation Program

  • The Three Zones of Defensible SpaceSTEP 1: Personal Touch will tour your property with you and assess the specific wildfire mitigation needs around your home and landscape.
  • STEP 2: We will begin Stage One wildfire mitigation in a 30 foot zone around your house called the Ignition Zone. This includes cleaning your roof and rain gutters from debris, clearing and cutting back wild groundcover to six inches tall or less, trimming back and clearing ladder fuels, or vulnerable branches, to six – eight feet above the ground and ensuring you have access to irrigation/water to help reduce approaching threats, and making recommendations on these needs. All work in the 30 foot zone will be done to complement and accent your property while reducing fire danger. We can even suggest and install fire resistant shrubs and plants.
  • Fire Prevention - Tree TrimmingSTEP 3: Stage Two involves mitigation in a zone 100 feet from your home. This process consists of clearing the dead groundcover including branches, fallen trees, and dead plants. This is a critical distance again, because it eliminates the ladder fuels and minimizes the fire’s intensity if it approaches your home. All materials removed will be taken to a recycling center and turned into other products.
  • STEP 4: Stage Three establishes a 300 foot mitigation zone. This particular zone is for large properties that have wildland surrounding primary structures. It is much the same as Stage Two – with the addition of mapping access to the nearest fire hydrants and other water sources. This is to assist supporting agencies if the area around your home is threatened by fire. Fire prevention and mitigation efforts are your way of protecting and possibly saving a life of memories and hard earned treasures. Let us do the mitigation work so you are fire-ready and prepared defensibly.


Personal Touch is your neighborhood fire mitigation expert!  Contact us today for a complimentary assessment of your property and landscape!


The USDA Forest Service estimates that every dollar spent mitigating your defensible space can save $7 in future wildfire fighting effort. According to the Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS), firefighters often prioritize mitigated homes when there’s a fire because it poses less of a risk for them to fight and a greater chance the mitigated home and those nearby will be successfully saved.


Help for Home Owners 

Wildfire Mitigation In 2009 the state of Colorado implemented a Wildfire Mitigation Measures Subtraction for Taxpayers in which the State will accept write-offs for 50% of your annual home and landscape mitigation costs, up to $2,500. This write-off counts for the cost associated with hiring professionals to help mitigate and protect your home from wildfire. The work done must be approved by one of Colorado’s Community Wildfire Protection Plans which map out ways citizens and state agencies can keep Colorado homes and landscapes protected.

The Colorado Department of Public Safety’s Office of Emergency Management now provides wildfire updates.

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