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Forcing Blooms Indoors to Brighten the Winter Blues!

Forcing Blooms Indoors to Brighten the Winter Blues!

Get the Beauty of Spring in Winter with Forced Blooms!

Force blooms with your favorite tree branches or bulbs to add color to a muted winter space.

Forcing Blooms Indoors With Various Branch Cuttings!Forcing Blooms From Branches

Many blooming trees and shrubs set their flower buds during the previous growing season so that they can experience a period of cold dormancy during the Winter before they bloom. After about six weeks of exposure to cold and dry conditions, the buds need to experience warm temperatures and moisture for two to three weeks to begin the bloom period. Generally, in late January and early February most outdoor trees and shrubs are ready for warmth and forcing.

When selecting branches from trees and shrubs, look for those that are ½ inch in diameter or less with higher concentrations of plump flower buds. Take your branch cuttings when the temperature outside is at or above 40°, this enables the cuttings to transition from the cold weather to your warm cozy home much easier. Following package instructions, add a floral preservative to warm water and add your cuttings once you have trimmed the stems at a steep angle above the original cut. Display your arrangement of branches and cuttings away from direct sunlight and away from any direct heat source. Rather, try to recreate a cool, moist environment characteristic of early spring. Watch your flower buds open and bloom for up to three or four weeks in a vase. Take great forced bloom cuttings from Crab Apple trees, Cherry trees, Forsythias, Quince and Weigela, as well as Red Maples and Willows in mid to late February.

Forcing Blooms with Bulbs Indoors to Brighten the Winter Blues! Forcing Blooms From Bulbs

In addition to forcing blooms on branches, you can also use your favorite bulbs! Similar to most trees and shrubs, flowering bulbs also need to experience a cold dormancy period before they bloom. The bulbs generally need to be planted in soil in the fall, and in a vase with beads by late December to offer enough time for late winter forced blooms. If you’re forcing blooms in soil, make sure the sides of the bulbs are not touching each other or the sides of the pot. Cover the bulbs with soil leaving the bulb tips visible. Keep the potted bulbs in cold winter-like conditions for 11-15 weeks (if you’re forcing in a vase, the bulbs still need to be pre-chilled). When you bring them in from the cold, water them thoroughly with warm water and keep them in a cool place for a few days to facilitate a nice healthy transition. Once they experience the warmth and moisture of your home, you will see new growth and blooms within two to three weeks. When forcing blooms from bulbs, try Tulips such as Monte Carlo, Oxford, Aladdin, or Maytime; Hyacinths such as Pink Pearl, Hollyhock, or Amethyst; Daffodils such as Paperwhites, Carlton, Geranium, or Jetfire; Crocuses such as Remembrance, Giant Yellow, Peter Pan, or Joan d’Arc; and Irises such as Dwarf Irises.  Tulips, Crocuses, and Irises generally require 15 weeks of cold dormancy before forcing blooms.

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