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Love Your Lawn, It’s National Lawn Care Month!

Love Your Lawn! 

April is National Lawn Care Month!

Love Your Lawn! It's National Lawn Care Month!Spring has finally sprung and that means it’s time to give your lawn a little extra love! As part of National Lawn Care Month, Personal Touch Landscape and Gardening would like to offer you some information on why and how you can love your lawn this month and throughout the season!

Why You Should Love Your Lawn

  • Your lawn and turfgrass reduces neighborhood noise and pollution, acting like a natural filtration system!
  • A 50′ by 50′ lawn area can produce enough oxygen for a family of four!
  • Asphalt or ‘heat islands’ can be up to 22 degrees hotter that surrounding areas with grass.
  • Lawns slow down and absorb runoff, taking advantage of rainfall for hydration and curbing property flooding.
  • Healthy turfgrass has miles of fibrous roots that clutch the soil to curb erosion and filter rain water  – A single grass plant can have 300+ miles of roots!  

How You Can Love Your Lawn

  • Celebrate National Lawn Care Month and Love Your Lawn!Sow your grass seed in late Summer or early Fall when the temperatures are consistent and aggressive weeds, like crabgrass, are at the end of their life cycle.
  • Test your soil to ensure that it will support your desired turfgrass variety and add any helpful amendments you may need for a healthier lawn.
  • Control Spring weeds with an application of pre-emergent weed control. A great time to do this is when your area forsythias in full bloom!
  • An ideal height for grass blades is between 3″ and 3.5″, this way the grass will need less water, have a greener color, and will more easily defend itself against weeds!
  • After mowing, spread your grass clippings across your lawn! This will return nutrients from the clippings back to the growing lawn and help retain moisture!
  • Water your grass deeply and thoroughly in the early mornings and evenings for best moisture retention and penetration.
  • If your utilizing an irrigation system for your watering needs, consider a smart controller with rain sensors that measure moisture levels so that you only water when you need to!

Keep Your Colorado Springs Lawn and Turf Areas Healthy With These Tips!For more information on lawn care and turf management for Colorado Springs, contact Personal Touch!


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