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July is Smart Irrigation Month!

Smart Irrigation for Your Landscape

Did you know that July is Smart Irrigation Month?

July is Smart Irrigation Month!As you may have guessed, water use peaks across the nation in July as we water our lawns, fill our pools, and wash our cars. Unfortunately, much of the water we use gets discarded and becomes runoff which translates to wasted resources and higher utility bills. In observance of Smart Irrigation Month, we’d like to share a few water-wise tips for your landscape and irrigation system!


Start Smart with Proper Planning

  • Start Smart with Proper Planning! Select Regionally Adapted Plants – Regionally adapted plants are better suited for Colorado’s harsh climate and require less water. Avoid planting annuals in your garden when possible, not only do they need to be replaced each year, but annuals tend to require more water than region-specific perennials as well.
  • Group According to Water Need – Save water by Hydrozoning, or grouping plants by similar water need, light requirements, and soil type. This will prevent plants from draining their neighbors of moisture.
  • Mulch Around Your Plants & Trees – Another step toward smart irrigation practice is mulch application. Spread mulch around your plantings to reduce water evaporation, moderate soils temperatures, and help control competing weeds.
  • Collect Water with Rain Barrels – It is now legal to collect rainfall in rain barrels in Colorado! Each single family residence can legally collect up to 110 gallons of rainwater in a sealable container. This water must be collected from the home’s roof and may be used for outdoor purposes. To learn more about Colorado’s Rain Barrel Law, visit the Colorado Division of Water Resources Rainwater Collection webpage.


Be Water-Wise

  • Switch to low-volume, low-pressure irrigation to save water and money!Reduce Run-Off: Water Briefly & More Frequently – If you have any sloping areas, run-off can be a big problem. Rather than setting your sprinkler system to water for long stretches of time, water in three intervals of five minutes instead. This allows for maximum moisture absorption between waterings and reduces run-off.
  • Install a Rain/Moisture Sensor – Only water when you need to by using a smart irrigation moisture sensor. This little accessory can save you a lot of water and can be retrofitted to most existing sprinkler and irrigation systems!
  • Use Low-Volume, Low-Pressure Irrigation When Possible – Drip irrigation, low-volume micro-spray jets, and bubble irrigation utilize a conservative amount of water slowly and precisely. This minimizes evaporation, run-off, and over-spray. Need more incentive to switch? Colorado Springs Utilities is offering a $200 rebate when you switch one full zone to drip irrigation! Click here to learn more and claim your rebate!


Maintain a Smart System

  • Improve your soils with amendments!Inspect Your Irrigation System Monthly – Check for any leaks, pooling, blocked spray heads, drip line clogs, or any broken parts. Further reduce waste by checking and adjusting your irrigation schedule to suite the current weather trend.
  • Winterize Your System –  It is very important to flush and drain your system before the ground freezes in fall to prevent Winter damage. Lingering water can freeze and crack your irrigation pipes, valves, and heads.
  • Promote Healthy Soils – Your soils should have good moisture retention and proper drainage avenues. Improving your soils with amendments and aeration can increase oxygen transfer and water penetration for healthier root systems. Be sure to periodically turn and cultivate your soils and mulch, and add compost or fertilizer to improve moisture retention and promote decreased water-need among your plantings.

These simple steps can help you prevent water waste while maintaining a healthy, beautiful landscape! We can help you upgrade and optimize your irrigation system to ensure minimal waste and maximum savings – when’s a better time to start than Smart Irrigation Month?!

If you are interested in learning more about efficient, water-wise irrigation, please contact us and speak with one of our expert irrigation technicians at 719-632-7742!

Smart Irrigation Month is an initiative of the Irrigation Association, a non-profit industry organization dedicated to promoting efficient irrigation. Learn more at



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