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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting for Your Landscape

Outdoor Landscape LightingUsing low-voltage, energy efficient products, we can help you create the perfect atmosphere for your outdoor space.

Outdoor Lighting for your landscape doesn’t mean glaring, intrusive lights, but rather a creative and elegant way to accent your favorite architectural or landscape features, highlight walkways and steps, illuminate the deck for evening get-togethers, and add more security around your home.

We can design and install landscape lighting that makes the most of your gardens, whether you want to add drama and expand your outdoor space, or transform it into an inviting, cozy space to enjoy under the stars.

Deck & Step LightingPersonal Touch offers low-voltage, LED, and other types of lighting to create the exact ambiance you want for your home and landscape. Our low-voltage lighting operates from low-voltage transformers with both timers and photo-cells so your lights automatically turn on when the sun falls behinds the Peak, or you can schedule exactly what times you’d like to use them.

Outdoor Lighting for Your EntrywayGive us a call and let us show you what we can achieve with accent lighting around your home. Outdoor lighting can be designed and easily added to your home, even in the winter months.


Security, embellishment & ambiance are all good reasons to bring outdoor lighting into your landscape.


Styles of Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Up LightingUp Lighting

Lights installed at ground level that shine upward to highlight focal points in the landscape, such as sculptures, trees, and architectural elements.

Down Lighting

Lighting installed above an object or area that shines downward. This can be used to highlight focal points, add a bit of security around entrances, or to provide Moonlighting, in which lights are mounted high and caress tree canopies, reminiscent of a full moon.

Deck LightingAccent & Spot Lighting

Lighting used to add allure and emphasis to a specific object, area, or architectural element around your home.

Path & Deck Lighting

Add a bit of mood lighting to your decks, patios, and pathways to add ambiance, illuminate steps, accentuate curves, or to guide guests through your landscape.


This technique uses lighting from behind and below a landscape element to cast an object as an outline or silhouette from frontal view.


Lighting installed in front of an object or landscape element at ground level to cast captivating shadows and textures on nearby walls or other features of your outdoor space.

Outdoor Path LightingCross Lighting

Lighting strategically placed amongst several areas of your landscape, to create multi-dimensional depth and drama.

Specialty lights

Choose from a wide variety of specialty lights to accentuate design elements of your outdoor space, to provide functional lighting for an outdoor kitchen, or to cast a new hue on or under babbling water features.

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